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Nutriorg Obesity Care Juice

Rs. 390.00
• The main ingredients in nutriorg Obesity care juice are green tea, garcinia, commiphora mukul,Gurmar (Gymnema sylvestre), amla and aloevera juice.
• Nutriorg Obesity Care Juice is a carefully selected unique combination of herbs and ingredients which are found to be clinically proven in weight loss.
• Nutriorg Obesity care juice provide complete weight control package which is helpful in controlling weight, It also helps in excess fat reduction.
• Nutriorg Obesity Care Juice not only improves your digestion but helps in flushing out dangerous toxins from your body, Try this package for a month and you will find yourself much fitter and energetic.
• How To Consume :- Take 25ml-30ml twice a day preferably morning and evening empty stomach 30 mins prior of your meals.
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