Nutriorg Triphala Juice

Nutriorg Triphala Juice


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Nutriorg gives you this boon of health in its 100% natural triphala juice with its amazing benefits to your overall health-

• It detoxifies the body by removing fatty tissues and being a natural laxative it thoroughly cleanses the body of wastes.
• Purifies the blood and controls its sugar levels
• Produce more red blood cells as it cleanses the body and propels the production.
• It promotes better eye-sight even for those who have trouble with sight and prevents acne.
• It is most effective in curing gall- stones, anemia and gastro- intestinal conditions.
• Makes hair stronger, promotes their growth and makes them shinier.
• It is also ideal for those wanting to lose weight.
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Ayurved has given a wonderful natural detox formula to the mankind in the form of Triphala juice. The word Triphala comes from ‘Tri’ means three and ‘Phala’ means fruit, it is derived from the Amla (Indian gooseberry) a natural rich source of Vitamin C and balances all the doshas, the body is made up of. It also has Bibhitaki which is crucial for bone formation and keeps away many diseases and Haritaki which is beneficial for both heart and brain. It serves as anti- inflammatory agent and a natural laxative. When these three are mixed together they form a powerful ‘rasayana’ called Triphala.
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