As there have been growing instances across the world of consuming tobacco in some form or the other and people falling a prey to them by even losing their lives owing to some serious diseases, some of which have no cure even in advanced sciences like the fatal cancer. This has been an eye-opener for the world where they realized the deeper implications of such diseases and their large-scale magnitude on one’s life. Therefore, the rising awareness amongst many things gave birth to raising awareness amongst people as to why they should avoid the use of tobacco under any circumstances.

31st May across the world is recognized as the World Tobacco Day where people help raise awareness amongst population on the negative use of tobacco and how it impacts our entire life. Also off late there has been a growing sense of awareness amongst people across geographically areas to eat healthy and live healthy. India, on the contrary, still happens to be a country where the consumption of tobacco is beyond imaginable. This sort of addiction has cost many a people their lives and continue to do so relentlessly.

We are a food brand therefore; it is important for us to highlight why eating right is crucial for your healthy and eventually happy living. Our whole aim is to be as close to nature as possible as that is the only key to a healthier and happier living and living well. Through our consistent effort to build a one place solution for all your food needs, we at Nutriorg strongly advocate eating organic which is free of chemical-based fertilizers being used on the foods while cultivating them. We understand that we need to nourish the body well with vital nutrients so that its immunity to fight ailments increases and makes your life a better one. Therefore, we have come up with a range of organic food items like quinoa, oats, juices, powders, cereals, oils and ghee’s and a host of other most of which are grown by us or sourced through the organic food growers, to ensure that nothing but the best reaches you.

Eating healthy is everyone’s prerogative and we must encourage it as in the garb of globalisation we are also fighting the menace of diseases that we had never heard of before and those which pose a serious threat to human life. We understand as we are progressing, we must also progress our mindsets and make small but conscious efforts to eat healthy and avoid addictions like use of tobacco in any form. This is the only way to encourage eating right and teaching our future generation also to eat right.