Everywhere you run your eyes through all you see is packaging. Packaging is a very major part of a brand’s image and even psychological impact on the customers’ mind. But the huge amount of materials used for it mostly turn out to be non-biodegradable that is the prime cause of pollution. We should keep in mind that it is very necessary to give back to nature and sustain it as it is the chief source of all supplies. So no matter how fancy we would really want to go with our packaging we always keep environmental health at the back of our minds.

Majority of our packaging is made from recyclable plastic and the glass and even Aluminum/ eco-friendly paper that are easily decomposable after disposal. We are looking forward to shift completely to glass bottles and jars to make our packaging more sustainable.

We are an enterprise that promotes good health and wellbeing, thus we are determined to preach the importance of a more sustainable packaging. We will be far from being healthy until we keep the ecosystem functioning systematically. In order to achieve that we need discard the usage of unnatural materials that cannot easily be decomposed by the soil especially when it comes to food and disposable items. We need to remember that the soil is the life and blood of all production materials. Thus it should be our utmost priority to conserve it. And hence we have decided to convert to 100% eco-friendly packaging.

Benefits of Eco-friendly Packaging

It is more beneficial, healthy and safe for the usage throughout its life-cycle.
Sustainable packaging is more cost effective.
It is manufactured by using clean production technologies and best practices.
It reduces waste and promotes recycling.
They will remain non-toxic throughout their life-cycle.
Reduces your Carbon Footprint.

Tell us whether you are ready to stand by us in reducing all our CARBON FOOTPRINTS.

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