The Black seed oil known with various names like Nigella Sativa, Black Caraway seeds, Black Cumin seeds or even Roman Coriander has recently gained a place as a sought after cooking oil. The Black seed oil has traditionally been in use since centuries in preparation of herbal medicines to cure different diseases in few cultures across the world. The healing prowess of the oil is unimaginable and has left a lot of people bewildered with its amazing benefits.

It has famously been referred to as ‘Panacea for all ills’ as it is able to treat most kinds of allergies and hypertension. A study uncovered that it was particularly effective against multidrug restraint strains of certain fatal bacteria’s. Studies also showed that blackseed oil is important for the body since it is rich in three natural chemicals- thymoquinone, thymohydroquinone and thymol all of these are best antifungal compounds which keep the infections caused out of yeast and other fungal components at bay.

Recent further studies on the subject discovered that the use of blackseed oil is also antitumor and is effective in keeping a check on free radicals in the body. The oil is found useful in healing the liver functioning too where people who have suffered from liver malfunctioning or liver diseases. Blackseed oil is also found to partially regenerate the pancreatic cells which increases the lowered insulin concentration which in the long run may help keep a watch on Type 1 & 2 diabetes. The oil has the inherent properties like being anti-inflammatory which helps in keeping obesity in check.

Apart from being a boon for your health and body regulatory system the oil also ensure that its intake helps maintain your beauty in the long run. The oil has antimicrobial and powerful antioxidant properties which helps in strengthening hair follicles and leading to stronger and shinier hair. Black seed oil is also helpful in healing the skin with its anti-inflammatory properties.

With all this and many other inherent goodness of the oil it is ideal for consumption as it is organically derived from the raw blackseeds without the use of any chemicals in the process, it’s time for you to make a healthier lifestyle switch with this healthy oil option.