Virgin coconut oil is amonst the most the most widely used oils for cooking food in different parts of the world mainly because it is readily available in some parts as it is most grown there and also because it contains unique combination of fatty acids. Any cooking oil has to be carefully chosen as it has a direct impact on your health. The fatty acids are about 90% saturated but coconut oil is unique because of its high content of the saturated fat lauric acid, which makes up for 40% of its total fat content. This lauric acid constitutes to the good cholesterol level in the body. It has shown that consumption of virgin coconut oil is good for the heart.

Amongst its myriad health benefits, the oil is also said to contain triglycerides which are used directly to provide energy to the body. Mainly on a general standard scale all types of oils contains approximately 120 calories per tablespoon which is why one has to be cautious of the calorie intake in food also through the oil that we consume. If one is trying to lose weight one needs to take into account the amount of oil that is being used daily to prepare the food.

Because of 40% of its fat content the oil is highly resistant to oxidation at high heat therefore the oil is also used for high temperature cooking mediums like frying. Though like other oils used for cooking in different parts of the world even the climatic conditions couple with the kind of food the populations consume has a greater impact on health. One has to be cautious of the kind of food intake one has the ramifications of it on the body’s constitution.

To eat as natural as possible as possible should be everyone’s goal as that is the key to being healthy and fit. It is being close to nature, eat fresh and organic that has a long-term impact on the health. Judicious use of foods including oil should be carefully considered as this is very crucial for health and wellbeing. Nutriorg therefore, has come up with a range of organic virgin coconut oil for cooking which is as close to nature as it could get. The oil uses not chemicals in its manufacturing and is directly sourced from coconut cultivation that have organically grown using manure and farm waste which is recycled as manure. Our aim is to ensure we provide you nothing but the best so that you have to never compromise on your health even once.