No matter how much we love the monsoon rains it is important for us to remember that it also brings a number of health problems along with it. It cools down the weather along with proliferating the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi that causes a number of diseases. The most susceptible to these are children and people with a low immunity. But we cannot afford to miss out the beauty of the monsoon season. We should focus on certain hygiene and health precautions that will help us safeguard ourselves from the Monsoon Health Hazards. Here are some Health and Hygiene maintenance tips for you for this Monsoon:

Health Tips

• Drink only filtered and lukewarm boiled water to keep germs away. Drink lots of herbal Teas.
• Choose curd/yoghurt over plain milk in order to avoid bad bacteria entering the body.
• Wash fruits and vegetables with Apple Cider Vinegar and warm water before consumption. Pay special attention to leafy vegetables they are hosts to larvae, worms and dust.
• Avoid street food for the season.
• Focus on strengthening your Immune System to fight all the germs.
• Maintain a healthy and a balanced diet to keep ailments at bay.
• Fill your diet with Vitamin C rich foods like Amla Juice, Aloe vera Juice, Tulsi etc.
• Keep drinking adequate water irrespective of your physical activity.
• If you are having fried food fry them in healthy cold-pressed oils so that they are easily digestible.

Hygiene Tips

• Always carry a raincoat/umbrella to avoid getting wet in the rain and falling sick.
• Always wash your hands frequently or keep them sanitized to keep disease-causing bacteria away from your hands.
• Take a shower immediately after you have gotten wet in the rain. Preferably take a hot shower bath so that your body comes back to its normal temperature so that you are not susceptible to harmful diseases.
• Keeps your hands and nails clean to avoid fungal infections.
• Sanitize your hands before eating.
• Keep a watch and prevent water from accumulating and getting stagnant to avoid the birth of mosquitoes that are a vector for many hazardous diseases.

For getting the best benefits of each tip try going for the traditional methods and pure products and organic fruits and vegetables.